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Instead of the expected snow we were met by green grass and a warm breeze

Instead of the expected snow we were met by green grass and a warm breeze

Always dreaming of visiting Europe, I fell in love with England as soon as the plane landed at the airport. Warm weather, kind people and magical architecture became the main companions for the whole week.

Most of all I liked the trip to London. Buckingham Palace, Trafalgar Square and the British Museum captured its beauty. It is a pity that the buildings of the Parliament were under restoration, because of which we could not enjoy the view of Big Ben. No less beautiful was the town of Bury St Edmunds, which struck me with its beauty and comfort. Before that, I was always attracted to big cities, but after living only a week in Bury, my opinion changed. A small cozy town with lots of good shops for long shopping and small cafes, with kind and helpful people and magical architecture. St Edmunds Bury Cathedral and St. Mary’s Church, performed in my favorite Gothic style, were striking in their grandeur.

Before the trip, I kept thinking that in England we were waited by incessant rains and slush, but we were lucky - the weather was good: not hot, not cold, spilled a little rain a couple of times. It was struck that instead of the expected snow we were met by green grass and a warm breeze. It was unusual to see this in the middle of winter.

I used to be afraid to speak in English with people who do not know Russian. But, thanks to this trip, this irrational fear no longer exists. It was very nice talking to strangers.

I did not want to leave England at all, it was quickly getting used to the atmosphere of this country. I hope that someday I will be able to visit England again.

And for the future travelers I want to advise not to be afraid to talk with people, enjoying their stay in a foreign country and get new dating. 

Liza Yakimova
Syktyvkar Bury Language School

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