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  • I answer all your questions about study abroad
  • I answer all your questions about study abroad
  • All these services are free!

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Alice Thompson
Alice Thompson Founder
Email: Phone.: +44 1323728932, +44 7856962030
Alena Ropaeva
Alena Ropaeva Executive Director
Email: Phone.: +7 9189113247
Anastasia Butrimenko
Anastasia Butrimenko
Email: Phone.: +7 9888944042
Elizaveta Volkova
Elizaveta Volkova Education Programme Specialist
Email: Phone.: +7 9152001716
Mariya Gersh
Mariya Gersh Customer Service Manager
Email: Phone.: +7 9176454897
Email: Phone.:

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  • We answer all your questions about studying abroad
  • We help you choose the program based on your needs and preferences
  • We draw up the documents to enroll the school you have chosen.
  • All these services are free
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