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  • I answer all your questions about study abroad
  • I answer all your questions about study abroad
  • All these services are free!

Your personal study abroad assistant

English For Life is a British education center. Our manager will help you choose a program in the best language centers of the world, will consult and guide you on all aspects of the preparation and application process, and will be in touch with you or your child during the trip. Your personal EFL assistant will make your study abroad smooth and enjoyable. We have the expertise to help you successfully choose a course that is right for you and hundreds of our clients can prove that. We’re proud that they come back and recommend us to their friends.


is online!
  • I answer all your questions about study abroad
  • I answer all your questions about study abroad
  • All these services are free!
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How we work?

Профессионально подбираем програму и школу
We expertly help you to
choose a school and arrange the enrolment

— We answer all you questions about study abroad, application process and our services.

— We discuss your preferences, needs and purposes to offer you several variants of courses and schools.

— We help you to make a right choice based on our experience and clients’ feedback.

— We draw up documents to book a course at the school.

— We consult on payment and control money transfer to the school’s account.

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Организуем зачисление в учебное заведение и визовую поддержку
We provide visa support

We help you to get a UK visa and offer you two options:

We send to your e-mail a detailed guide how to get a visa and sample translations made by our managers. Just apply online and you get them free.

We provide full visa support for a small charge.

We examine the visa letter written by the school for compliance with the embassy requirements and control its courier delivery.

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Курируем во время поездки
We are in touch with you
during the trip

You get the telephone number of an EFL manager who will be in touch with you until you come back home.

We control your transfer from the airport to the school and back again.

We solve organizational issues and help you in any situation during the trip.

We welcome your comments, opinions and recommendations about language courses and schools to make our services even better.

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Based in the UK
but always close to you
English For Life company started its work in 2009 under the slogan "English in England with EFL". We specialize in the selection of language courses in England, Scotland and Ireland. Soon, our customers began to receive the application and to other countries - Malta , Cyprus, USA, Canada , so we have expanded the geography of English speaking countries , and have changed the slogan to "English abroad." Now, our students learn not only English, but also German, French , Italian, Chinese and other languages ​​around the world.
Our clients’ requests help us find new perspectives for development. Many of those who attended language courses abroad come back to EFL for an academic program. That’s the way our new branch Education For Life has been created with the focus on education in colleges and universities of Great Britain.
Many people dream of language courses abroad but it seems difficult to make this dream come true. How to make a right choice in such a variety of schools and programs? How to draw up the documents? How to adapt to another country? Our company helps you every step of the way – from the plans to study English abroad to coming home – smoothly and effectively.
The EFL head office is located in Great Britain. We provide our services online which makes them easy for the clients from all corners of the globe. Thousands of our clients can prove that. Before we start cooperating with the school, EFL managers visit it to collect first-hand information. We keep track of global trends and developments in the field of education and participate in the exhibitions, conferences, and workshops.
Our main goal is to choose among a variety of schools the one that is right for you and meets all your requirements. We are focusing on educational programs for adults and children, young students and professionals.
We do our best to make you feel comfortable both during preparation process and the trip. Every step of the way you are accompanied by EFL personal manager who helps you to choose the school and provides you with full support during your trip. We are always ready to assist you.
We are the team of professionals united by common goals. EFL is not only interesting job but also our lifestyle.
We appreciate the confidence that our clients have placed in us. They come back to English For Life and recommend us to others. Your feedback and recommendations make our business work better.
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3689 happy
12 years
of successful
328 partner

Хотела бы выразить благодарность English For Life за подготовку и организацию поездки. Отдельно хочу поблагодарить менеджера Светлану Звонкову, которая была со мной на связи 24 часа в сутки, помогала решать все возникающие проблемы (подготовка документов, получение визы и т.д) и оказывала моральную поддержку, что было не менее важно для меня. Замечательный и очень отзывчивый специалист! Так же хотелось бы отметить менеджера Дарью, которая помогала решать некоторые нюансы во время поездки (задержка рейса, оповещение водителя такси). Было несколько целей моей поездки: во-первых, осуществление своей мечты – посетить Лондон, во-вторых, общение с представителями разных культур, что необходимо мне для будущей профессии, так же хотелось посмотреть и ощутить быт англичан, поэтому я предпочла проживание в семье, что тоже было полезно мне как будущему лингвисту и специалисту по межкультурной коммуникации. Ни на секунду не пожалела, что выбрала проживание в семье. Хозяйка дома, в котором я жила, невероятно добрая, открытая и общительная! Очень порадовало, что она имеет отношение к искусству – бывшая оперная певица, а в настоящее время обучает игре на пианино на дому, я 7 лет училась в музыкальной школе, а от звуков инструментальной музыки  просто в восторге. Никаких сложностей во время проживания не возникло, только позитивные эмоции!!

Customer Reviews
Анна Быкова
Санкт-Петербург St. Giles International London Central

Часто задаваемые вопросы

Is there an EFL office in my city? Can I use your services if I live in another region?
You can contact us from any country of the world as we provide a full range of online services. The quality of our services doesn’t depend on the distance.
Are your services free?
Yes, all our consultations and services are absolutely free. We are happy to give you the benefit of our experience in preparing visa application documents. For those who plan to apply for a visa on his/her own we provide a detailed guide how to get a UK visa and sample translations. If you want to save yourself the trouble of filling in a visa application form, preparing and translating the documents, we are happy to provide you with full visa support for a small charge.
How can I transfer money to the school’s account?
The simplest and most widely used way of payment is international bank transfer in rubles at the current exchange rate without having to open a currency account. To make a transfer we present you with the invoice from the school. The second option – payment by card. The payment can be made either by yourself at the school’s site or by debiting money from your card by a school staff member. Your personal EFL manager will help you to choose the most suitable way of payment.
What is the total sum made up?  How can I be sure that I don’t pay the extra money?
The total cost of our services includes the cost of language program and extra services of the school, visa fee, air fare and health insurance. You pay for the language program directly to the school, we just present you with the invoice and control money transfer to the school’s account. Consular fees, air fare, health insurance can be paid by you or you can ask your personal EFL manager for assistance. We charge for visa support only.
How can I draw up visa documents and book a trip online?
Online application differs only one way from a standard visit to the office – you don’t have to get to the office. We are in touch with you in any way suitable for you – via e-mail, Skype, telephone, etc. You just have to send us the copies of visa application documents, and then we examine the documents for compliance with the embassy requirements, translate them, fill in the forms in English and send you detailed instructions on how to compile all the documents required. Your personal manager will consult and guide you on all aspects of the preparation and application process.

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  • We answer all your questions about studying abroad
  • We help you choose the program based on your needs and preferences
  • We draw up the documents to enroll the school you have chosen.
  • All these services are free
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