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Europa School of English

Bournemouth / England
Brief information:

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The number of students in a season:

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45 Christchurch Road, Bournemouth, Dorset BH1 3PH

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General information

europaschool-1 (1).jpgEuropa school of English is a historic building, full of character with bright, modern classrooms and innovative equipment. The core of the school is the bistro. This is a fabulous space for you to catch up with new friends from around the world, practice your English and of course enjoy some delicious meals. The school has its own open kitchen which provides international cuisine and a wide variety of healthy and nutritious meals. There is a summer garden for get-togethers and to relax in the sunshine. The school provides space for concerts and cultural events for our students and the public.


Bournemouth, England              

    Student age

18 +

    No. of students


Course dates

 all year

    Minimum course

 2 weeks


 homestay, hotel

General English Course

The course consists of 20 lessoms of English per week. During the course you will study all four skills – speaking, listening, writing and reading - using a variety of course books, authentic materials and the Internet. You will learn to use English in real-life situations, develop your understanding of grammar, vocabulary and idioms and perfect your English pronunciation. The classes take account of all types of learning style.

You will be in a mixed nationality class to boost your confidence, placed with other students of the same level who have equal enthusiasm. To maximize your learning, you will have the opportunity to feedback to your teacher regarding your progress, and specific areas which need improvement. Homework also gives you the opportunity to broaden your English language experience.            

Activities and excursions

Don't forget when you come to England your learning continues outside the classrooms. The school offers its students an extensive cultural program. In the afternoon, students can choose any of several proposed activities: city tour; sports games (tennis, volleyball, basketball, soccer, softball), active beach activities (volleyball, beach volleyball), various hobby groups: dance, theater, art-deco, beauty and more. In the evening, the school offers at least one cultural event: quiz, themed evening, cinema, outdoor events, international party. On weekends, you can join the tour to London, Oxford or Windsor Castle. All activities are organized by the school. The participate in some of these events are free, others are available for an additional fee.           


You may stay in a single/double/superior room (single with own bathroom) with one of the friendly homestay families, most of whom have been welcoming students for many years. Some live close to the school while others are a short walk or a bus-ride away. You’ll get half-board accommodation with breakfast and dinner. At the weekend, you will also be provided with a (packed) lunch. The school invites you having lunch in its comfortable bistro from Monday to Friday. 

Also students can choose the accommodation in a hotel near the school. Students live in single rooms with all facilities and free Wi-Fi. The hotel is 30 minutes away by public transport.


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