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Europa School of English

Hohensolms / Germany
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Jugendburg Hohensolms, Germany

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General information

Europa School of English occupies a historic building of the castle Jugendburg Hohensolms . The infrastructure of the campus includes classrooms, an internet room, table tennis, relaxation rooms and a venue for cultural events, IP Ocean, corner of Fruit 'n' Fit, where you can quench your thirst and have a snack. Sports fields for football, basketball and volleyball are outside the campus, just a 10-minute walk away.


Oberwesel, Germany

    Age of children


    No. of students


Course dates

2 July-26 August 2017         

Minimum course

    2 weeks



Intensive English/German Course

The program includes 20 lessons of 45 minutes per week. Classes are held in the morning. During the course you will study all four skills – speaking, listening, writing and reading - using a variety of course books, authentic materials and the Internet. You will learn to use langusge in real-life situations, develop your understanding of grammar, vocabulary and idioms and perfect your pronunciation. The classes take account of all types of learning style.   

Activities and excursions

In the afternoon the School Club organizes fascinating walks through the city, visiting the museum of medieval weapons, a variety of sports, interesting activities in circles. In the evening, the young students are waiting for quizzes, themed parties, watching movies, picnics in the open air, talent shows and much more. Students may take tours to Wetzler, Marburg and Landgrafenschloss, Giessen, Schloss Braunfels, FerienparkHessenpark, Frankfurt, Heidelberg, Mainz.


All students of IP Hohensolms enjoy a full-board meal service with breakfast, hot lunch and dinner in large dininghall. Vegetarian options offered daily.

Students live in multi-beddedspacious rooms (4-8 students) with shared bathrooms and toilets. Bedding is provided and changed weekly. Free laundry service is available for students stayingmore than one week. 


  • Intensive English/German

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