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Edinburgh School of English

Edinburgh / Scotland
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271 Canongate The Royal Mile Edinburgh EH8 8BQ, UK

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General information

Students who want to study English in Scotland find that Edinburgh School of English, set in a welcoming and friendly city, offers the perfect language experience.

Edinburgh School of English is a member of English UK and is accredited by the British Council.

Edinburgh School of English also offers language courses during the summer for children and teenagers aged 7-17 years old.

Students who want to study English in Scotland find that Edinburgh School of English, set in a welcoming and friendly city, offers the perfect language experience.

Edinburgh School of English is a member of English UK and is accredited by the British Council.

English courses to suit all abilities and levels:

  • For students looking to improve their overall level of English, their Octorial programmes develop students' language skills for effective communication in everyday English.

  • For those who want to obtain a recognised English language qualification, school`s Cambridge and IELTS Examination Preparation Courses will ensure you achieve the skills you need to succeed.

If you wish to focus on a particular area of language or an area of special interest, the Tutorial Course is the perfect choice, or alternatively, you can combine this with general English group work on the Enhanced programme.


Edinburgh School of English administer understands how important accommodation is to students' experience and offering a variety of comfortable and convenient options.

  • School`s homestay accommodation is available all year and is the most popular choice.  Families are experienced in hosting foreign students and enjoy welcoming them into their home where they can practice English outside the classroom.
  • During July and August they have residential and self-catered apartments available, which are located in excellent locations close to the city centre.

Leisure time

It is important for students to continue practising English after school.  The Cultural and Social Programme is ideal for this: different activities for students are arranged each week, which are chosen based on the wide range of cultural events that take place around Edinburgh.

School can also assist in organising full-day and weekend trips to other places in Scotland.


  • Essential Programme
  • Cambridge Examination Preparation Courses
  • IELTS Exam Preparation Courses
  • Octorial Programme
  • Enhanced Programme
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"It was a long stay and a great adventure": English teacher Nelli Kalashnik about Edinburgh School of English

My dream has come true! Once I had the courage to go to Edinburgh it became a reality! It is a welcoming city with lots to see and do! I spent the whole month living with a Scottish family, going sightseeing, socializing with the native speakers and my new friends that I met doing the program of a two week course on Active Methodology for teachers.

It was in August, so I had a great opportunity to enjoy the atmosphere of Edinburgh International Festival, as well as Edinburgh Fringe festival, both take place every August. I visited the world famous Military Tattoo performance and Highland Games which are more than worth seeing.

There is a lot to see and learn in the museums and galleries, which come in great number and free of charge, so every day was full of new impressions. The Parliament of Scotland is open for visitors during the festival time and is also free.

The school work is well organized and provides a great variety of different programs, so you feel spoilt for choice. You have to expect everything presented in the advertising videos and written in theleaflets in real life. The school management staff is very efficient and flexible to meet the requirements and the needs of the students. Will Rennie, Academic manager, is absolutely inspiring. The way Will organizes the start of the day with wonderfully shaped warming-ups doesn’t only motivate students to do their best at the lessons but also is an example for us the teachers to follow.

The two students who joined me anddid the Octorial programare over the moon with the lessons and the result.

It was a long stay and a great adventure! I express particular gratitude to English For Life team for finding an appropriate school and course and helping me organize this trip.

There is still one wish left… the wish to be able to afford it more than once.)

But… where there is a will, there is a way!
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Нелли Николаевна Калашник, 60 лет
Edinburgh School of English

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