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Oxford English Centre

Oxford / England
Brief information:

Minimum age:

16 years

The number of students in a season:


Bandury Road, Oxford OX2 6PR

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General information

The Oxford English Centre was established in 1979 as a single school, not part of a chain. The Oxford English Centre is accredited by the British Council and is a member of English UK and IALC - your guarantees of quality. The school is in magnificent premises, close to the centre of Oxford. The building which is home to the school retains its original Victorian Gothic frontage and unique tower. This part of North Oxford has always been a magnet for literary figures. Among those who have lived and worked in the local area are the author of Lord of the Rings, J. R. R. Tolkien, also Iris Murdoch, T.E. Lawrence, the poet Philip Larkin and others.

The school offers a wide range of courses aimed at improving knowledge and skills through communication and designed to meet the needs of the students from General English to Examination Preparation. The school is known for its highly effective courses of English for Business, Law, Medicine, Teachers. 

All students receive a Certificate on completion of their course.Students at the Oxford English Centre enjoy excellent, modern facilities. The following are available to help students make fast, effective progress: a self-access learning centre, library, computers, free internet and e-mail access, listening facilities, CD ROM language learning programmes, the latest textbooks. You will find a friendly atmosphere, committed, enthusiastic staff; and students improving their English and making international friends.

The Oxford English Centre offers plenty of great activities. Most social activities are included in student course fees. The school organisers optional Saturday excursions to London, Bath, Cambridge, Stratford and Warwick Castle, Salisbury and Stonehenge, Brighton, Bristol and Portsmouth. The Oxford English Centre can arrange other activities such as golf, horse-riding, aerobics, yoga, aikido, ice skating, fitness, theatre and much more to make your stay in Great Britain an unforgettable one.

Because of its university Oxford is known internationally as a centre of culture and education. In this lively and interesting city with high-tech manufacturing, the small streets, quiet gardens and ancient courtyards of the university combine with lively pubs and theatres to create the ideal destination for study abroad.


  • General English, 30
  • Cambridge examination courses
  • English for Business
  • Legal English
  • Medical English Course
  • English for Teachers
  • General English, 20
  • English for the Oil&Gas Industry
  • TOEFL Preparation Course
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 Невероятно дружелюбный руководящий состав!

Школа Oxford English Centre в Оксфорде - потрясающее место для тех, кто хочет приобрести великолепные знания английского языка, новых друзей и погрузиться в атмосферу старой Англии. 

Хочу отметить высочайший преподавательский уровень школы, особенно преподаватели IELTS! В течение урока студенты получают много полезной информации и даже не замечаешь, как легко происходит интеграция в язык. Для тех, кто собирается сдавать экзамены по языку, школа в Оксфорде оборудована всем необходимым не только в течение учебного процесса, но и индивидуально, так как оборудована компьютерными классами и программами, где можно тренироваться в сдаче экзамена: невероятная помощь! 

Хочу отметить, что если возникают проблемы, они тут же решаются, все готовы помочь советом или действием. Невероятно дружелюбный руководящий состав! Также школа проводит интересные развлекательные вечера, что позволяет новым студентам легче войти в "школьную семью", познакомиться с другими студентами

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Ирина Козлова, 29 лет
Oxford English Centre
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