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Ramsgate School of English

Ramsgate / England
Brief information:

Minimum age:

12 years


Spencer Square, Ramsgate, Kent, England, CT11 9EQ

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General information

The mission of Ramsgate School of English is to help students communicate more effectively across international borders and cultures. Ramsgate is set in the county of Kent, which is also known as the “Garden of England” due to its rolling fields and glorious long summer days. The school has two teaching buildings, an office building, a students-only canteen and recreational room, a Rosetta Stone Room, an Internet Café, and even has its own pub, The Churchill Tavern, for adult students.


Ramsgate, England

Tuition option for

• parent and child

• child

Age of children

12-17 years

Minimum course

2 weeks

Family programme

The education course for children and parents consists of 20 lessons per week. The course is designed to give students a structured and enjoyable way to progress in English and to achieve the learning targets they set for themselves  

Activities and excursions

At Ramsgate School of English students learn a lot of English as well as have a really enjoyable experience. The School can provide adults and kids with a wonderful variety of activities, sports and excursions to make their leisure time as interesting as possible. Ramsgate is located only 30 minutes away from the Channel Tunnel and provides easy access to France and Belgium so the School can offer excellent value multi-day tours. Group programmes are organised by Social Club Manager and can be designed to include whatever activities and excursions the group wishes. 


Homestay with a family gives children and their parents the opportunity to experience the English way of life at first hand and to practise English outside the classroom. Families are carefully selected by Ramsgate experienced accommodation manager and are revisited regularly. Most are within easy walking distance of the school and younger students are normally placed 15 or 20 minutes away.Families provide half board - breakfast and evening meal Monday to Friday and all meals at weekends.


  • Family programme

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