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Cambridge University College

Cambridge / England
Brief information:

Minimum age:

16 years old

The number of students in a season:

The number of students not in a season:


5-6 Salisbury Villas Cambridge CB1 2JF

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General information

Ridley Hall College, established in 1881, is an independent college affiliated with Cambridge University. Newnham College is one of the 31 University of Cambridge colleges and was founded in 1871. Both colleges look and feel like the perfect Cambridge campus: the traditional buildings and impressive dining halls are surrounded by green lawns and private gardens.
The campuses are ideally located next to each other in the centre of Cambridge, just 5 minutes’ walk to all the main attractions of this wonderful city. There is a traditional student atmosphere both at Ridley Hall and at Newnham College which makes the programme the perfect choice for older students, aged 16 - 19 years.


Cambridge, England

Age of children


Minimum course

2 weeks



General English Programme

This is an ideal course for 14-16 year old students ready to deal with a little more independence and who are looking for a real taste of Cambridge life, or for 17 year old students who feel more comfortable studying with younger teenagers rather than older teenagers. You'll have the academic report from your teachers and certificate of studies at the end of your stay.
Week course includes:
  • 20 English language lessons;
  • daytime and evening activities;
  • 1 full-day excursion.

Intensive English Programme

For additional to 20 lessons of English language instruction each week intensive programme offers 8 lessons of Academic Skills or English language skills each week, depending on your level of English: 
  • Levels 2 - 3: English skills lessons which will help you to further improve your general English skills. 
  • Levels 4 - 6: Academic skills lessons, including the opportunity to take the IELTS exam.


Activities will be held either on campus or at sports facilities approximately 15 minutes’ walk from campus. Activities also include visits to sights and events minutes’ walk away.
  • On the standard programme, students have activities every morning or afternoon (except on excursions days) and every evening;
  • On the intensive programme, students have extra lessons in the afternoons, with activities every evening. 
All students have one full-day excursion each week. Excursions to London, Warwick Castle, Thorpe Park, Brighton, Leeds Castle or Windsor are included in the course price and come at no extra cost.


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