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Marino Institute

Dublin / Ireland
Brief information:

Minimum age:

9 years


Griffith Avenue, Dublin 9 Ireland

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General information

ECI was founded in 1986 in Dublin and has earned a worldwide reputation as one of the leading English schools in Ireland. Family Programme is carried out on the basis of a major Irish university, Marino Institute, located in the northern part of Dublin,10 minutes from the center. The main building of the institute, a tuition center of ECI, well-equipped gym, playgrounds, dining area, landscaped gardens are located on the campus.


Dublin, Ireland

Tuition option for

• parent and child

• child

Age of children

11-17 years

Minimum course

2 weeks

Family Programme

The course for children includes 15 hours of English per week and is aimed at the development of conversational skills. On the lessons they practice role-playing games, work on individual and group projects. Parents are offered the intensity of 20 hours per week. Tuition contributes to the expansion of vocabulary and eliminate the language barrier.

Activities and Excursions

After school, children are going to activity programme, as well as country trips, tours of Dublin, film screenings and student parties. The cost of children's programme includes 1 excursion on full day per week. Adult course participants are encouraged to plan their spare time on their own or take part in activities organized by the school, for an additional fee.


The school offers accommodation with a host family or in residence on campus. The friendly Irish family communicate with students and introduce them to the traditions of Ireland. The price includes three meals a day for children and half board (breakfast and dinner) for parents. Accommodation in residence involves placing in separate rooms with all amenities. Food for children is included in the programme. Adults are offered a choice of two options: no meals or full board.


  • Family programme
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Мои мальчики очень довольны
Летом 2017 я возила группу детей в Emerald Cultural Institute. Что понравилось в школе: подход к тестированию и обучению серьезный, понимая, что тестирование может не дать точных результатов, могут на второй неделе перевести в группу, более соответствующую уровню ребенка. Уроки групп-лидерам посещать у них не принято, но занятиями дети в целом были довольны.
Вторая половина дня всегда четко планировалась. Вечером тоже почти всегда были интересно: концерты, представления, кино, дискотеки. Экскурсии были организованы хорошо, гиды могли быть профессиональные или работники школы сами выступали в этой роли (они всегда готовились). 
Мы жили в резиденции. Все работники без исключения очень доброжелательны и терпеливы, всегда готовы помочь. Дети всегда под присмотром. Мои мальчики очень довольны. Мне тоже было спокойно. Мы бы поехали еще.
отзывы клиентов
Елена Быкова
Emerald Cultural Institute

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