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Отзыв о поездке в английский языковой лагерь: “I was in B2 group, but it was too easy”

Отзыв о поездке в английский языковой лагерь: “I was in B2 group, but it was too easy”

The trip to Great Britain had been my dream for 2 years. Finally, it happened.

The aim of my journey was to practise the skills of my English and it also was the logical end of my language course, which I finished in June.

Firstly, I was in B2 group, but it was too easy for me, so, I found myself at the crossroads. Finally, I decided to move to C1 to try something more challenging and it was one of the most correct decisions that I made during the trip.

The process of education was cool and exciting. Lessons were interesting because teachers had a lot of creative ideas how to organise your time.

We watched films, played games and improved grammar skills. Nobody was bored. I reckon our group had the coolest teachers in this school: Josh, Rooth and Akulah.

Because of the height of level, all students spoke English really good. We had students from Russia and Italy. I made many foreign friends and knew a lot about Italian culture and language. Speaking with foreigners helped me improve language ability and practise different collocations and idioms. I found myself shocked of awaring of me speaking English fluently.

In free time we did yoga, danced zumba, spent some time in closest village eating delicious ice cream, painted in the open area and had interesting excursions to London, Bristol, Cardiff, Stonehenge & Salisbury and Bath. All activities were well-organised and thrilling.

The brightest memory is an excursion to London where I experienced culture shock because it was my dream to visit this city.

The most important discovery is the awareness that I can speak English easily because I have worked at this for 10 years. In my sertificate I've got level C2 and I'm really glad because of it.
All in all, I will continue improving my language skills to reach the peak and return to the UK.

Арина Горбаченко, 16 лет
Екатеринбург ELAC Bath Spa University

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