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Churchill House

Ramsgate / England
Brief information:

Minimum age:

16 years


42 Spencer Square, Ramsgate, Kent CT11 9EQ, UK

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General information


The Ramsgate main school is quite a large campus set in three different buildings around a historic Victorian square. The student body is generally diverse and during peak summer season it often welcomes students from around 40 different nationalities. The school has a good reputation across the globe for providing high quality English language courses. The school courses provide a good mix of academic progress, personal development, and cultural discovery.


The main school has two teaching buildings, an office building, a students-only canteen and recreational room, a Rosetta Stone Room, an Internet Café, and even has its own pub, The Churchill Tavern, for adult students.


Living with an English family is an ideal way to use what you have learned in the classroom in a practical way. It is also a great way to learn more about English people and their way of life. At Churchill House, they have over 150 host families within 15 minutes walking distance from the school and others within 25 minutes. All host families are found and vetted by school`s accommodation department. They do not use agencies to find host families.

Alternatively, you can arrange your own accommodation and just pay the school for lessons. You may still use all the school’s facilities including the Individual Learning Centre and the Churchill Tavern as well as being able to participate in Social Club activities.


  • General English, 20 lessons
  • Cambridge ELA (PET, FCE, CAE, CPE), 32
  • Intensive, 26 lessons
  • Intensive, 36 lessons

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