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Studio Cambridge

Cambridge / England
Brief information:

Minimum age:

16 years

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6 Salisbury Villas, Station Road, Cambridge, CB1 2 JF

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General information

Established in 1954, Studio Cambridge is the oldest English language school in Cambridge, UK. The language courses are accredited by the British Council and attract students from all over the world who come to study English in the professional and friendly environment of Studio Cambridge centres. 

Studio Cambridge offers courses for adults all year round and vacation courses in the summer and winter for younger learners aged 10 to 19 years old. The classes are dynamic, interactive, focused and, most importantly, effective. Studio Cambridge teachers are qualified and experienced professionals. 

The school offers two ideal locations. During the academic year (September to June) classes are held at Studio Main School, Salisbury Villas, Station Road. It is just 10 minutes' walk from the centre of town and 400 metres from the main train station, with frequent services to London and other parts of the UK. The school, in impressive 19th century buildings, has 22 spacious classrooms, a learning centre (with library, computers, multimedia facilities), free Internet access and e-mail, WI-FI, a studio café, a beautiful garden and a student services office for activities. During the summer (July and August), some classes are held at the renowned Hills Road Sixth Form College. This is one of the most respected schools in England. It is just 10 minutes' walk from the main school and has excellent, modern facilities, including 18 light classrooms, computer suites with free Internet access and e-mail, a cafeteria, a picturesque garden and a student services office for activities. 

For more than 800 years Cambridge has been one of the world's greatest centres of learning. Cambridge is known throughout the world for its academic excellence, its tradition, its impressive University colleges, the beautiful River Cam, its green parks and gardens, and its "Englishness". 

But it is much more than this. Traditional, yes; but modern and innovative, too. With a population of 100,000 residents and 20,000 university students, Cambridge is an exciting place to visit whatever the time of year. 

A great nightlife ranging from classical music concerts and the Shakespeare Festival to the latest bands, an enormous choice of restaurants, pubs and cafes, great shopping, excellent sports, and a young and vibrant atmosphere make Cambridge the ideal place to live and to study English. 

Cambridge is small - easy to get around by bus or bicycle - and you will soon feel at home and discover your favourite places to visit with your friends from Studio Cambridge. And, if you feel like a visit to the "big city", London is only 100 kilometres away - just 45 minutes by train. 


  • General English, 20
  • General English, 28
  • Cambridge Exams, 28
  • IELTS Preparation, 28
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«Надолго запомню этот лагерь»: отзыв о языковой программе в Studio Cambridge

Studio Cambridge―школа неплохая. Преподаватели адекватные. Есть весёлые, есть те, которые немного раздражают, но в принципе всё хорошо. По окончании получил сертификат. Условия хорошие, добавить ничего не могу.

Общаться я начал не сразу, но со второй недели уже начал заводить знакомства, и дальше уже мы хорошо сдружились. В лагере были турки, немцы, русские, итальянцы, французы, японцы, китайцы, вроде всё.

Я хорошо сдружился с моим соседом Тэру из Японии, Филипом и Маркусом из Германии, Кристсом из Латвии и Ахмедом из Турции (один из немногих адекватныхтурков). Общение с иностранцами помогает в освоении языка, так как постоянно говоришь на английском и узнаешь новые слова и термины.

Мы проводили свободное время веселясь в комнатах у друг друга, играя в приставку и компьютеры в common room, гуляя и просто болтая. Я успел посетить Тауэр, Оксфорд стрит и Warwick Castle. Тауэр запомнился незабываемым видом, Оксфорд стрит кучей магазинов и одинаковых сувенирных лавок.

Самое мое яркое воспоминание из поездки ― это последняя ночь перед отъездом, так как мы всю ночь не спали, вселились двадцатерером в коммонруме с 11 до 6. Конечно, не хотелось уезжать, так как было много друзей, надолго запомню этот лагерь.

отзывы клиентов
Аркадий Василевский, 13 лет
Studio Cambrige

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